lee valley brush washer

Brush Washing Container

I was never one to spend big bucks for something simple. I just want things to work well for a fair price.

I came across my current brush washing container in an art store in Hamilton, Ontario a few summers back. It is a dream and at $25, I thought it was a steal.

It is mid sized, holds a good amount of mineral spirits (500ml), has a wide mouth (3″) and locks up tight! Having a good seal is essential since I just throw it in my backpack when going painting. Last thing I need is a leak in my car or while hiking in.

Enough of the back story. The other day my Lee Valley catalogue showed up; I just love looking through these. It was the garden supplement and I almost tossed it into the recycle bin but then decided to have a look through.

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easel butler

Easel Butler

I recently had an opportunity to try the Easel Butler for plein air. The Easel Butler is an add on shelf support for your tripod. It simply attaches to the legs of your tripod within seconds. No muss, no fuss. But does it really work?

I hoped to find out by putting it through its paces while not being very nice to it. If a product cannot hold up to vigorous use with a little abuse it is of no use to me.

When I received the package, it was well packaged. The Easel Butler was in its storage bag, wrapped in bubble wrap all placed in a box. Very protective.

After unwrapping everything and laying all the parts out, what you get is the main brace, two support tubes, two packs of o-rings, assembly instructions (not shown) and a counter weight bag (not shown), if ordered.

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Alla Prima Pochade Box

What you are looking at is my pochade box with a personal touch. :) I added the vinyl lettering for some self promotion when out painting.

I spent a lot of time looking for a Pochade box that I really liked and thought was practical. My issue with most Pochade boxes was the large metal hinges that stuck out, lack of board size flexibility and the need for storage. I must have spent six to eight months looking for something that would fit my needs.

I do not remember how I stumbled upon the AllaPrimaPochade box hand made by Ben Haggett down in Missoula, Montana but I am glad I did.

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