Painting Locations

Looking for a great place to paint? Bookmark this page… we will be adding locations as time goes on.

Mundy Park :: Access: Easy :: Map

Panorama Park :: Access: Easy ::  Map

Boundary Bay: Via 72nd Street :: Access: Easy :: Map

Old Yale Road: In front of Montessori School :: Access: Easy :: Map :: Image

End of Ford Road :: Access: Easy :: Map :: Images

Farmer Field and Mountains :: Access: Easy :: Map

Rocky Point :: Access: Easy :: Map ::  Images

Gibsons Landing: Colorful working wharf, islands & mountains views :: Access: Easy

Roberts Creek Beach: Natural logs, rocks and forest backdrop :: Access: Easy

Sechelt/Snickett Park: Great rocks, surf and open shoreline :: Access: Easy

Madiera Park: Vintage boats and Pender Harbour views :: Access: Easy

Garden Bay/Irvines Landing: Marina, rugged rocky shoreline & arbutus :: Access: Easy

Pender Hill: Spectacular overlook of Pender Harbour to Van island :: Access: Hiking Required (steep but short)

Francis Peninsula: Open sloped shorline of rock, arbutus, twisted conifers and island views :: Access: Hiking Required (some challenging rocky bits)

Secret Cove: Sheltered woodland, ponds and fabulous hidden inlets :: Access: Hiking Required (uneven but well used trails)

Brownsville Bar Park :: Access: Easy :: Map

White Rock Beach :: Access: Easy :: Map

* If you have a great location to paint plein air, please email us the location to put on the site. Thank you!!!