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Brush Washing Container

I was never one to spend big bucks for something simple. I just want things to work well for a fair price.

I came across my current brush washing container in an art store in Hamilton, Ontario a few summers back. It is a dream and at $25, I thought it was a steal.

It is mid sized, holds a good amount of mineral spirits (500ml), has a wide mouth (3″) and locks up tight! Having a good seal is essential since I just throw it in my backpack when going painting. Last thing I need is a leak in my car or while hiking in.

Enough of the back story. The other day my Lee Valley catalogue showed up; I just love looking through these. It was the garden supplement and I almost tossed it into the recycle bin but then decided to have a look through.

Most of the items I have seen before or didn’t interest me until I flipped to the last page and saw the same stainless steel brush washing container that I have been using for the last few years. For some reason that got me excited but when I saw the price I muttered “Whoa, that’s a great price!” As of this writing it is listed at $16.50 CDN. *UPDATE: As of May 2016 the price is $22.50

So, I thought I’d add my two cents in a review about it.

This unit locks up tight, very tight. No leaks for the four years I have had mine. Previous units have leaked on me, so that is an impressive run.

The unit flares at the base for two reasons; stability and more room for thinner. Both are a plus in my books. With the wider base you can let it sit on a side table or on your pochade box. Alternatively you can hang it off your box via the wire handle.

With the stainless steel construction, wide base, wide mouth and tight seal, I would recommend this brush washer to anyone who wants to get out painting and not have to worry about their tools.

– Michael King


lee valley brush washer

“This stainless-steel brush washer holds 500ml (1 pint) of solvent and can be used for brushes up to 3″ wide. The removable grate (3″ in diameter and 2-3/8” deep) helps loosen paint, which then falls through its holes, leaving cleaner solvent above.

The gasket in the lid creates an airtight seal so there is no solvent odor or evaporation when the lid is clamped.”

The above description is directly from the Lee Valley website. © Copyright Lee Valley Tools

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  1. Darlene Young says:

    Thanks for this information. I’ve had one of these cans for 5 years now and not a leak despite all the kicking around it gets. (It often ends up completely upside down in my bag). I couldn’t find an affordable one in Canada when I bought mine so I got it from the States. I’m glad to see it available locally and for an affordable price.
    That Easel Butler looks like a great tool as well.

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