Brigitte Desbois


Brigitte was born in Montreal spent her childhood in England, her teen-age years in Ottawa then Paris.  Being exposed to different parts of the world she developed a love of travel and discovery.  And as the need to belong emerged, art became a way to connect.

Brigitte has always had a profound love of art. She first earned a living as a silk painting artist.  In 1997, an intense desire to become a full time artist led her to study oil painting at “L’Atelier Michel Ange” in Quebec City.  She moved to Calgary in 1999, studied with well respected artist John Compton and attended several courses and workshops at ACAD and Red Deer College.  Seeking to pursue her classical training she later returned to Montreal to complete an intensive course at “Mission Renaissance Fine Art School”.  In 2007 she relocated from Calgary to Nelson, BC.

Established in Nelson, BC since 2007, she never tires of the endless inspiration the area has to offer. “Being an avid plein-air painter, I find it incredible just having it all at my doorstep. I love the challenge of capturing the light and the mood and I search for color harmonies that evoke the time and place”.

Brigitte is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is honored to have received several awards for her artwork.

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