Grand Prix d’Art :: 2013

Date: July 27th, 2013

Time: 10am Start time

Location: Qualicum Beach, BC, the Old School House Art

Cost: $20 which includes lunch


The Grand Prix d’Art, hosted by “The Old School House Arts Centre“, is a “race”; competing artists must complete a work of art “en plein air” in the space of three hours. This year each artist will be assigned a zone in the picturesque town of Qualicum Beach by lottery. Prior to the event, local businesses are approached to sponsor an artist. Those sponsoring businesses will be in the designated zones from which the artist must work. The work must represent or be inspired by some thing or person that is visible from the assigned location. Most locations are within walking distance of The Old School House. The finished work must be in presentation condition, titled and priced for sale no later than one hour after completion. A panel of three judges then determines the winners of the contest. $20.00 entry fee includes an Artist Meal at the end of the event will be provided; companion meals may be purchased for $10.00. Prizes to be announced.


10:00 Registration and site selection

10:45 Proceed to site.

11:00 When Town Clock strikes 11:00 pm – START YOUR PAINTING

2:00 When Town Clock strikes 2:00 pm – STOP YOUR PAINTING, return to the Old School House for framing and hanging of pictures. Note: You may return to the Old School House at any time after you are finished your work.

Deadline: 2:15 – you must have returned to the Old School House.

Work is to be framed and priced for the 3:00 pm judging. No touch ups allowed.

3:00 Judging commences when the hanging is completed. An Artist Meal will be served at 3:00. Spouses and friends may join you for the meal. (Companion Meal: $10.00 fee should be paid when you register so we know the numbers.)

4:00 Award Presentation

Grand Prix d’ Art Entry Form can be found in the events section of their website.