Lynn Canyon Group

One Sunday Last Summer

by Sheree Jones

As a plein air painter and a resident of the North Shore here in Vancouver, BC, I am constantly reminded of the unbelievable beauty of what I call “my backyard”. “One Sunday last summer” is an example of one of my adventures. I head out the door early, to paint in Lynn Canyon near my house.

As it’s a Sunday, I am here to worship Mother Nature. It’s early enough for me to find the perfect location, nestled alongside the river. There is no one near me but avid hikers and dog walkers eager to be on their way. I find a cool spot and begin my composition. I anticipate the rising sun deep into the gorge as I work. I am soothed by the sound of the river rushing between the rocks, and I remind myself just what a lucky girl I am.

During my three hour study, many dogs come down to the river beside me, to slake their thirst and cool off. After this study, I am ready to start a new work, facing in another direction. It’s just after 11am. This place is truly magical, and it feels like my own personal slice of heaven.

My new vantage point and new painting starts out pretty well. Slowly curious onlookers begin to peer over my shoulder, one at a time. Suddenly it’s 12 noon in my beloved slice of heaven. It seems that my “solitary profession” ( to quote Scott L. Christensen) is not quite so solitary. Can you spot my easel among 12 of my new found friends? I guess I picked everyone else’s slice of heaven too.