Paint Out at The Artisans Festival – Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens With Peggy Burkosky AFCA

This Outdoor Paintout is hosted on the gorgeous grounds of Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens during their annual Artisans Festival event. This intensive workshop is designed to find simplified solutions for outdoor painting with plenty of instructional handouts and individual attention.

Date: September 1 & September 2, 2018 (Sat & Sun)

Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Location: 6183 Whitaker Road, (formerly Whittaker Road), Courtenay, V9J 1V7 (Directions)

Costs: $220


More Information:

Lighting and Mood En Plein Air
With Peggy Burkosky AFCA

Paint with Peggy 2 full days at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens during The Artisans Festival Sept 1 & 2.

Level: Intermediate – Beginners welcome

Peggy will demonstrate in watercolours however you are welcome to work in the medium of your preference.

Let the loose brushwork and fine control available in watercolour capture the charm of outdoor scenes including buildings, cities, old towns and villages in this informative 2- day workshop with popular AFCA instructor Peggy Burkosky from Vancouver Island.
This intensive workshop focuses on defining mood and atmosphere with passion and comes packed with information on strong design principles and elements to build confident work. Plenty of handouts will accompany demonstrations with class paint-alongs and practical tips on the timing and consistency of watercolour paint to wet and dry surfaces.

Peggy’s background in commercial design some 40 years ago includes learning the skill of applying watercolour washes in a loose wet-in-wet manner for renderings. She has been fortunate to have learned perspective drawing skills, figurative street scenes, draftsmanship, design and hand lettering under “old school” apprenticeship.
Peggy’s life these days includes traveling and conducting workshops, seeking the stimulation of different cultures and architecture such as in Japan, Italy, Croatia, Mexico and of course the beauty of her coastal life on Vancouver Island Canada. She particularly enjoys the challenge of working en plein air in watercolour, utilizing timing of washes to capture the moment with all the senses.

As a popular art instructor who is known for encouraging artists and getting in touch with their own personal painting journey, Peggy enjoys identifying and confirming the painting style that each individual painter might be working in. She endeavours to encourage, challenge and “keep things simple” in a warm, fun and positive atmosphere.

What to expect:

Day 1 –

  • Explore design principles and elements that make for strong, confident planning prior to painting
  • Link and simplify connected shapes
  • Discover practical tips on working with a limited palette, and a simple value planEnjoy the creative licence of altering the light source in order to change mood and atmosphere and review what makes for good composition
  • Review simple 1 point perspective
  • Learn how the timing of applying washes to paper leaves you more in control of this elusive medium
  • Be encouraged to paint alongside ongoing demonstrations or explore at your own pace with attention to one-on-one instruction.

Day 2 –

  • The power of negative painting
  • Colour and edges that affect mood
  • Calligraphy, brushstrokes
  • Shadows
  • Final “decoration”
  • Critique session

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